LXmas – the story so far

Every day, children open one of the little windows on their Advent calendars. Their eyes sparkle. They can hardly wait, and are completely enchanted by Christmas. But Nick and his friends can't see this excited anticipation in the adults. Do they even still believe in the magic of Christmas? Can they still be enchanted?

Nick has an idea

These doubts give Nick an idea. He writes a letter to Samichlaus and to Father Christmas with a request. Perhaps they know how adults could be reminded of and believe in the magic of Christmas again. That was in December 2017.

We also heard the children's plea for help. Together with Samichlaus and Father Christmas, we had an idea. In order for everyone, children and adults, to be enchanted by Christmas, we have to go back to the origins of this magic. So we organised a SWISS special flight to the far north – LXmas. It carried an aircraft full of expectant children and adults to Lapland. They experienced a two-day Finnish Christmas fairy-tale in Levi in Finland.

A movement is born

A year later, Nick's initial idea in December 2017 had become a proper movement. Other children joined Nick and his friends. They also wanted to help to bring the magic of Christmas back to the whole family during Advent 2018.

Nick told the children about the previous year's trip on LXmas, and hatched a plan with them so they could encourage the adults to travel with them to the home of Christmas. Because they were certain that we could also rely on the support of Samichlaus, Father Christmas and SWISS again this year.

And so, with the children's support, we were again able to fly north on a Christmas flight in 2018. LXmas took families from Switzerland to the heart of Finnish Lapland. They spent an Advent weekend in Rovaniemi, and were enchanted by numerous magical moments.

Tremendous anticipation

December 2019. The whole of Switzerland is talking about the wonderful trips on LXmas. Today, children and adults have heard of the SWISS special flight and want to be a part of it. The result is that over the coming days, our crew and families from all over Switzerland will be preparing for a trip to the magical winter wonderland in the far north. Nick and his friends have achieved their goal.